With a number of taxes in the statute book, current and continuing tax information has become vital to the effective economic of business management. Assessment of taxes is very closely linked with Financial Accounts. Our partners and other professionals with their experience in accounts are in an advantageous position for preparing the returns for tax purposes, representing assessee before the Tax Authorities and rendering general and special advice on taxes to its clients. A separate cell for Direct Tax and Indirect Tax has been established in our firm. Specialists who are co-conversant with these areas are in-charge of the Direct and Indirect Tax Division.  We have formed affiliations with Direct Tax Specialists and Senior Advocates who have tremendous exposure to advice and handle all the peculiar tax issues. Various tax implications in case of Merger, Acquisition and De-merger is one of the key areas of study of our firm and the schemes for reduction of tax liability legally during such process has benefited number of our clients.

Transfer Pricing (Domestic and International)

As our firm having multi-skilled team of tax practitioners, economists and financial analysts focus on reducing threats and increasing opportunities to enhance corporate performance through proactive transfer pricing management.

The integration of tax and economics is one of the most important attributes of our transfer pricing capabilities. This unified approach helps us to develop and implement transfer pricing methodologies that are analytically sound, flexible to deal with “real world” situations and fully compliant with the transfer pricing regulations. Further, this approach also facilitates a creative and dynamic tax planning process for our clients.

As part of our transfer pricing service offering, we offer advice and assistance in the following areas:

  • Planning
  • Compliance and documentation
  • Controversy resolution
  • Managing risk
  • Integrated tax planning

International Taxation & DTAA

In globalised environments, cross-border transactions are increasing in number and complexity and international taxation and DTAA outcomes need to in line with business value creation. With highly qualified & skilled professionals, we are able to provide services not just to comply with various legal and procedural requirements under the statute but also savings of outflow on account of taxes while complying with the statutes. Apart from above we also assist clients in drafting agreements with the help of Senior Advocates in the field.

Central Sales Tax and VAT

The services offered include:

  • Advice on the applicability and levy of Central and State Sales Tax Laws and Works Contract Tax.
  • Assistance in the structuring of transactions and agreements in relation to inter-state and intra-state sales in order to minimize tax incidence.
  • Registration under Local & Central Sales Tax Act
  • Assessment & Appeal
  • Getting statutory Forms- C Form/ F Form

Service tax

The services offered under the Service Tax Act include:

  • Advisory services with regard to applicability of the tax, as well as procedural compliance such as registration, return filing, assessments, to name a few.
  • Review of contracts and agreements to help in mitigating the overall incidence of service tax.
  • Conducting Service Tax health checks in order to determine the service tax implications on client operations, gauge compliance with legal provisions and suggest tax-planning opportunities.



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