Management & System Consultancy

Capitalizing on the adroitness of our professionals, we offer investigation audit services to our clients that review the operations at various levels of the management to ensure flawless processes and effective control. Our Forensics & Investigation Services is the answer to help you to overcome these critical business challenges with an effective approach. Extensive experience and subject-matter expertise to provide valuable and appropriate insights from planning to delivering is something we stand strong on. We offer an array of investigative and forensic services and tailor made solutions to serve your requirements in best possible manner.

  • Business process Re-engineering and Cost Reduction
  • Developing management information system and budgetary control system.
  • Designing Project Appraisal Report.
  • Assist in preparation of Framework of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP); Framework of Accounting Procedures and Policies; Framework of Internal Financial Controls (IFC)
  • Assist in the preparation of feasibility studies of new project and expansion schemes.
  • Advise on the system analysis and design including selection of hard work, development of software and feasibility of incorporating computer applications for accounting and commercial activities.
  • Assist in finding solutions for specific business problems such as product mix decisions, pricing decisions, and making representation to Government on various matters etc.
  • Appraisal of personnel policies and practices.
  • Assist in the selection of executive personnel in the areas of production, marketing, accounts, data processing and general administration etc.
  • Acting as advisor or consultant (in consortium with others) to an issue, including such matters as drafting of prospectus and memorandum containing salient features of prospectus, preparation of publicity budget etc.
  • Acting investment counsellor in respect of securities.
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Assisting from inception to end in the process of private placement
  • MNC Liaison Office
  • Special Cell for Start-ups and MSME
  • Housekeeping of secretarial, accounting, taxation and other regulatory requirements; Financial Reporting as per Indian GAAP and IND AS; Computation of withholding taxes; Full and Final Settlement of employees; Accounting Solutions with respect to SAP, Quick Books, C-Square and Tally ERP, etc.
  • Strategic review of Internal Audit Department Our Internal Audit Services (IAS) employs highly skilled professionals, who can solve many of organizations common problems with the right solutions, contemporary processes/methodologies and superior tools/technologies. We can help organizations to improve their quality and effectiveness of Internal Audit process by:
    1. Advising and assisting in the development of Internal Audit and risk management methodologies
    2. Assessing whether the Internal Audit function is delivering effectively to stakeholders
    3. Providing Internal Audit resurging solutions, including full outsourcing or complementing in-house functions with specialist skills or geographical coverage
    4. Supporting Internal Audit functions with software to enhance and support their work
    5. Training for Internal Auditors using our extensive market and industry knowledge

These are few key areas where we have concentrated in order to provide the most superior management Associates consultancy services to our esteemed clients.

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